After creating possible user personas, I’ve also asked people in my network to fill out  a short survey asking what is home to them and what communities they feel they belong to. The form is still online and more responses would be appreciated! Here’s the link:

In short amount of time I’ve received close to 100 responses and so many people messaged me that it’s such a great topic and so close to their hearts (ding dong!).

I’m still processing responses and thinking in what form they can be used, but below is a very short gist.

What makes you feel like home?

  • the people around me
  • full fridge of food
  • my comfort zone
  • music as I go to sleep
  • my bed
  • a certain scent
  • good homemade food
  • where my mother is

You get the idea: most people are listing the rituals or people that make them feel like home, not physical locations (cities, countries). You can see full preview of responses here.

This leads to a possible user journey using pre | during | post methodology:


My next step would be to process all the survey responses, so they could have the same form as a sentence “Home is …”, where “…” is whatever people answered.

Few key concepts and questions that I’ll try to answer with whichever “how” I choose:

  • What is the best way to show different concepts of “home” that people have?
  • Which “how” might be most appropriate for future generations?
  • Can and how technology play a role in creating future concept of “home”?

I was thinking of few “hows” and I think for the matter of prototyping and a quick user testing I’ll settle on a Twitter bot idea, which is sketched out below:


Read more about my user personas and deeper research on migration in general.

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