My initial idea for a project was to recreate my bedroom wall in the VR environment with some of the postcards on it. Very roughly it had to look something like this:

I wanted to scan postcards using photogrammetry and upload point clouds to Unity. Each of the postcards would have short audio story attached to it. Once you would point to the postcard or get closer, audio would start playing.

Easy to say… Harder to implement.

All the files that I uploaded to Unity, showed me empty objects. At this point I realized I might need some plugins. I looked at one of the free plugins but then saw that it takes only .off formats and this is not something that PhotoScan supports. This one seemed to be a solution:

But $75???
I decided at this moment it would be too much of the investment, especially when I don’t know if I would be using it again. Maybe when I have more clear projects in mind.

In the worst case scenario I could upload full 3D models to Unity and attach audio to them but they definitely wouldn’t look as good as point clouds would, just see:

I have never used three.js but this is something I also tried. I followed the PLY loader example and tried uploading my point clouds there. But all I could get was this:

Apparently there is no straightforward way to load point clouds using three.js either.
I also tried to use OBJ Loader example and upload .obj file with separate file for the texture, but it kept giving me this:

So really the only solution would be getting the above mentioned Unity plugin and create a scene with Unity, but by the time I got there, there was already too little time left. So I turned back to Sketchfab, where I uploaded each of the point cloud files separately, and Soundcloud, where I uploaded each of the short memory from the postcard.

You can see the results here.

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