Yesterday during Future of New Media class we defined topics that each of us would be researching. These are the topics that would hopefully help us write future scenarios later in the semester.

Topics vary from Google public wi-fi and its privacy implications, Hyperloop and SpaceX, and face recognition technology to Personification of hate-Passionate reaction and Race relations and technology. Each topic is something each one of us want to know in the class.

My theme is Devolution of news media brands – what do we know about small-scale news media? I’ve heard not once (especially from the people in the news media industry) that as so many things are moving to social media, soon time for big brands like BBC, CNN and separate brands in general will be over.

I want to look into it more deeply, see what is is happening now that is different from how it was before. See if there are cases of small media companies that made a really big impact. Of course, if you have any ideas or examples in mind, shoot them my way!

The only pre-requisite for the research is to find out something that we don’t already know — in other words, bring out the unknown knowns. This is what fascinates me about this class the most. 🙂

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