I’m exploring few ideas for the class final and would like to use time to present in class as an opportunity to receive feedback from classmates. Both of the ideas would be continuation of projects that I worked on before.

Idea One: new TEDTalk generator
It roughly takes two to three months to prepare a TED / TEDx Talk: from initial conversation, to drafting proposal, to countless numbers of Google hangouts until a speaker can hold a final up to 18min talk text in her hands. Such intense preparation is necessary not to only have a text to say on the stage, but to have a story where place of every word makes sense.

I would be curious to see how the same TEDTalk could look like if the order of words changed. I don’t want to add any new content, just to play with the words that already exist.

For this idea I would like to build on the Tracery homework exercise that I did few weeks ago.


I see it as a tool, where people could load their text and look at the surprising outcome. Or a site of “alternative TEDTalks”: archive or something similar to this.
Example that I did in class is fully hardcoded, for the final I would have to use rita.js to read text and tracery.js to generate new results.

Questions: how this should be displayed? As a talk archive? Should people be able to save? What other functionality it could have? Anything else?

Idea Two: most annoying Google Chrome extension
For this idea I would be building off the project that I did for Rest Of You class last spring.
I analyzed my Gmail emails that I sent, identified “dangerous” words that I use and started building Google Chrome extension that would alert me every time I start typing those words:

As you can see from the video, it’s probably pretty clear why “it’s the most annoying extension”. I also actually never made it as extension probably because of some Google limitations. It worked only when I pasted code to the console on the site itself. The words in a code are hardcoded, so it works only for me.

My questions for class: how to generalize the extension, so it’s not only for me? should there be a way for the user to enter the words before starting to use the extension? what other ways, other than alarm, could be used for it? any other thoughts on how extension could work but still track / “train” us on the language we use?

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