In response to the City Reliquary Museum, create a narrative experience centered around a single or several objects.

I love sending and receiving postcards. Every time I travel to a new place, I get a postcard that speaks specific memories or has specific associations to me. Part of the wall in my bedroom is covered with some of the postcards I have.
Since I’m away from home, looking at these postcards every day help me feel more like home and remind me of my friends and places I visited.

I picked three postcards as my objects and wrote short stories that they remind me of.

Mont Saint Michel

It was summer, 2013. My friend and I set out on a journey to Belgium, France and Germany. In less than two weeks we hitchhiked more than 3,000km and visited cities like Dresden, Brussels, Lisieux, Paris, Potsdam and Bremen.
Mont Saint Michel was one of the stops as well. We had found a hostel nearby but there was still a good 20km to walk to reach an island. We were walking as the cars were passing by when suddenly this amazing mountain appeared in front of our eyes. It looked so magical and this postcard reminds me about it every day.

Vilnius Trolleybus

The first seven trolleybuses appeared in Vilnius’ streets back in 1956. Now we have 312. Even though it’s a Soviet relict, it’s one of the most beautiful and unique symbols of Vilnius. Red trolleybuses – I hope they never go away.

Assisi Eremo delle Carceri

I never thought I could travel alone. I had my first holiday by myself back in 2012. I went to Assisi in Italy and spent there a week. One day I decided to climb up Mount Subasio, where a lot of the pilgrims go. I met an Australian couple on the way and we spoke a lot; after we parted ways and I realized that I’m completely alone in the forest. I started going back and I ended up at the Eremo delle Carceri, hermitage of Franciscan friars.

The model is done using photogrammetry. I took photos around the postcards and then used PhotoScan to generate a point cloud.
I’m really interested in “not finished” 3D models and point clouds look so beautiful. They also play well for “fragmented” image that memory is.
I had a forth postcard, too, but it kept not showing up in the scan, so three will do this time.
This time I was also having a hard time uploading point cloud to Unity, it would look super well there; I could also attach audio to each postcard.
Full model of the scan can be found here:

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