In the playtesting we’re going to let people play with one object and answer some of our questions.

This is the photo of the object (part of it) that we’ll have tomorrow:


Questions we have so far and want to play with in the class:

  1. Form: at the moment we have planned 4 different objects:
  • square: LED & changing the light by putting object in different places
  • rectangle: speaker & microphone (making sound)
  • triangle: using different sensors (fsr, tilt) to change the light
  • circle: motor & fan (weather mill / vane)

Would you have any other ideas for the possible forms and outputs

2. Size: is it too small? Too big?

3. Materials: these are few ideas for the materials:

  • soft wood
  • foam cord
  • clay
  • plasticine

Any other ideas?

4. Colors: what colors would you use?

  • color patterns/combination? distinguishable

5. Toy name?

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