For the final project I teamed up with Shir and Xiwei. All three of us appeared to be interested in education, so we discussed a lot what should we do and what would be new to work on.

Here’s our brief:

We’re building an educational toy for kids. The goal of the toy is to teach kids electronics in the appealing hands-on way.

While doing the market research, we noticed that most of the products are aimed towards 8 year old kids and older and there’s not a lot of variety to a really small ones. Our goal is to try and create something for 3 year olds and maybe a bit younger or older.

All the education material says that at this age kids start recognizing patterns among objects and putting them together. They start organizing objects based on the size, shape and color.
Playing with such a small age kids, we cannot teach electronics in the same way as we would teach 8 year olds (explain about different components, etc.), so our main goal is to put electronics concepts in teh back of their minds for the future.

To be in more detail:

User: 2-4 year olds

Goal: to introduce them to the different concepts / elements of electronics through big objects, colors and shapes. We want to encourage kids to recognize patterns, organize and play with objects based on their shape, color and size.

We would be using big shapes (for kids not to swallow pieces) and simple interactions per puzzle piece / one specific action per puzzle.

Objects will be made out of 3 levels of shapes one inside another, related to a different action. For example 3 circles combines a circuit that will operate a wind vane in the middle of it. A square shape can operate speaker and changing the direction of the middle square will affect the sound coming out if it.

We figured it can be operated with an Arduino Micro inside the biggest part of the puzzle, if we decide to change that code in real time…but it can also just use one program, without needing the Arduino to be connected to a computer.

Below are also few mind maps to visualize our idea:

483B3CC8-1639-4AC0-9429-0AF5763F2B9C IMG_1564


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