As one of my goals here at ITP is to learn coding by the end of the next 2 years, I’m taking ICM’s final as one of the chances to move further at least a bit.

Last week I presented my video and sound homework, which is sort of music library for music tracks from different decades. I used preload function a bit, and I’m changing the code now to be able to add more tracks. I’m going to keep working on this homework for my final, too. I’m taking it as a chance to reinforce some of the concepts that we’ve learnt in class and to include new ones. So here’s my idea:

DIY p5 music player (this is still a draft title)

It’s an improved music player to play… well… music.

It’s going to consist of three main parts:

  • Improved outlook: I’m going to work more on the design part to make it look more like a player rather than p5 canvas.

This is how it looks now:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 22.11.16

This is what I want to bring it closer to (few references):

aimp2_500x410 ui-stereo winamp-5

I’m looking in such references because I want to have an oldschool, diy touch on the entire thing.

  • Music player: I will be using Youtube API to be able to load different music playlists to the p5. It will include a search field and let people enter keywords to load playlists.
  • Visual part: I was really inspired by Sabrina’s homework last week. I love the idea of sound triggering different actions on the screen. I’m going to use this inspiration for my final project and add the second function for the music player: ability to use it as a visual projection on the wall (or just a computer screen). Different tracks would trigger different actions: circles jumping (or other shapes), shapes changing size and so on. I want to also add sliders to help people control the interface: one slider would change the size of the shape figure; second slider would change background, shape figure color and so on.

This is the picture of what I pretty much have in mind:


Who’s the user?

Anyone who has a party and wants to have some visuals as part of it OR anyone who just wants to listen to music.


This is the rough timeline for the project development:

November 11: Getting Youtube API to work the way I want it to work. Here’s the rough code of what’s happening right now: it’s a mess and I’m using code of different homework but Youtube API is working (!).

November 18: code for the visual part ready. I will definitely consult with Sabrina.

November 25 (class off): continue working on code. User testing / playtesting / improving code. Also working on the final interface.

December 2nd: final showcase.

Questions for the class

  • Title: what do you think about the title? Any suggestions?
  • Interface: Send any references you have and/or might prefer my way. Keep in mind that Im not a designer, so I won’t design anything fancy and will probably end up using background picture or a frame. Also another question to Dan: can I put a frame on canvas?
  • Interface: my idea was to do two canvas: one for youtube playlist (on the left) and the right one for the visuals. What do you think?
  • Visual: in my previous homework I’m showing sound frequency. There’s no point to have it now or do you think I should keep it?

Here’s the link to my keynote presentation in class.

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