This is the coolest thing ever. Last Friday all ICM instructors (teachers — can’t get used to “instructor” term) organized a synthesis workshop for all ITP first years to merge our icm and pcomp knowledge.

The focus was on a design challenge: creating an experience in the browser using p5 that responds not to a mouse or keyboard but to an Arduino interaction: the press of a button.

We had random partners and only 90 min. My partner was Nai-Chen from China. “Good” I thought at first: neither me, nor Nai-Chen has any deeper knowledge on this (Nai-Chen is a journalist and I’m with business/event production background) but it turned out to be other way around. We had so much fun!

2015-10-02 13.47.49-1

I’ve got to use my obsessive planning skills: 90min is not much at all, so we had to split entire thing into few steps and don’t spend too much time on each.

Our response to the design challenge was this: w created a “Past Reader” that once you press a push button, code on the screen gives you random answer on “Who could you be if you lived in the Middle Ages?”

Here’s the video:

And here’s the code (modified to be able to control ir with “mousePressed” function).

It was an awesome experience, I hope we’ll have more workshops like this in the future. Both because of hands-on experience, but also getting to know other ITP’ers better. However, no room20 next time, please, no one came there!

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