Last week we learnt a lot about basic electronics components and how to build them into a circuit. There has been a lot of labs done (you can see my previous posts) and this post is solely for one homework that we had: creating a simple application for LED and a switch.

You don’t need much to get creative with switches: basically what you need is two conductive materials touching each other to close a circuit loop. Foil is just one example of what conductive material can be (here’s more).

To get started, here’s how simple switch / LED circuit looks on a board (unlit and lit):

1 2

Three LEDs are connected in parallel, with anode connected to the switch (and the switch to resistor, and power) and cathode connected to the ground.

What if I want to take a regular switch out and change it with these two buddies?


For this to happen, I need to attach conductive wires (green ones in the picture) to each of the foil person and connect other ends where wire was on the board before (one on the same horizontal line as resistor and another as LEDs).


Whole picture would be something like this:

4 2015-09-16 17.12.07

2015-09-16 17.12.25

Now you just have to touch both foil peaces and the LEDs should light up!

2015-09-16 17.17.19 2015-09-16 17.17.23

Here’s the video to see how it works:







Now cleanup and ready for the next class!

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