Have you ever found it exciting and adventurous to explore the city on a subway?

Well, here is your chance!

We invite you to a journey around the city. What’s fun about it: it’s not your regular trip on a train, it’s a trip when you’re racing with your friends! And wait, that’s still not it: you are allowed to make your friends’ journey harder by delaying them and putting all the other kinds of obstacles on their way.

Title of the game: City Vacation

Age of players: 7+

Number of players: 3-4.

Duration of the game: ~30min.

Objective of the game: To explore the city map in an adventurous and fun way.
Components of the game: a board, a deck of 97 cards, 4 play, 9 mission, 8 path, and 4 construction figures.

While board is the main canvas of the game and play figures are meant for each player to move on their turn, the cards are divided into these types:

  • Mission cards
  • End cards
  • Move cards
  • Action cards

Move and Action cards are meant to be kept together in the same pile.

Mission cards

Tells what and how many objects player should collect before going to the finish line. One of the cards mission is to not let other players finish their Mission before you arrive to the END STATION. If you manage to do it, you win.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 17.30.03

End cards

Tells in what station player should end the game.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 17.30.29

Move cards

Tells how many stops and who should move in the next turn.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 17.31.00 Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 17.31.17

Action cards

Describes a certain action user should do.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 17.32.58

Set up of the game

  1. Prepare to play the game: place a board on a table and before you shuffle any of the cards, randomly place Mission figures on the board.
  2. Every player selects a play figure. It will be your representation throughout the game.
  3. Shuffle End cards and have each player select one from the deck. This is your End point for the game.
  4. Shuffle Mission cards and have each player select one from the deck. This is your Mission card for the game.
  5. Everyone starts from the same station, but you shouldn’t show your Mission and End cards to other players. Keep it a secret – this will make game more fun!
  6. Shuffle the big pile of Move and Action cards and give each player 5 cards (you don’t want other players to see these cards either). Put the remaining cards upside down on a board.

You are ready to play the game!

How do we play?

Player on the left side from the player who shuffled the cards, starts.

Look at your 5 cards and decide which one(s) you want to play. You can use as many cards as you want: the only rule — don’t use two of the same cards on the same turn.

Put that/those card(s) on a table and play your figure accordingly on the board.

As you make a move, depending on how many cards you play, you have to take the same number of cards from the bigger pile of remaining cards: you should always have 5 cards in your hand!

Your goal is to reach your finish point faster than all the other players.

Full rulebook can be found here.

The first version of the game co-created with Xinyao Wang, Anqi Zhao, Andreina Yulis and Jae Woo Ha, later and final developments together with Xinyao Wang and Anqi Zhao.

Read more about playtesting and fabrication.

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