I’ve been constantly fascinated how powerful a language can be. How well drafted messages can shape the years to come, to send messages we want and to inspire (or scare) people. I’ve been even more fascinated how much power can be added by code.

I was excited to know that one of the things we’ll do at Detourning the Web class will be scraping and manipulating text. For my assignment I decided to scrape science fiction movie scripts from IMSDB and embed some of them into the politician (or not so much) speeches.

The one to work the most, of course, seemed to be Donald Trump’s inauguration speech he said in Washington D.C. a bit less than a month ago.

Process to make it happen:

  1. Scraping movie scripts using beautifulsoup library
  2. Using RiTaJS library to read parts of speech and replace some of them with the parts of speech from the movie script

For consistency I decided to work only with one movie script and chose it to be Frankenstein.

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The original inauguration speech can be read here and the frankensteined one here.

The code to scrape text together with all text, and code to generate new one using RiTa.js can be found on my github repository (note that there is more text scraped as I was trying several things).

Blog post about the project will be followed by live reading in the class.

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