Being event organizer and program curator I spend a lot of time looking for potential speakers and their contact information.

While building a program and researching speakers is a fun job to do, searching for the way to reach them — not so much.

What if someone else could do that for me? It would save me loads of time and I could focus on more important things on my to-do list.

Most importantly, I’m not talking only about myself; this applies to every single event curator you could find around. So building an app like this (someone doing this job for you) would benefit a much broader circle of people.

Who would be the client of this app?

This would be specifically targeted to any event curator who needs a speaker’s contact information, but anyone, who needs to reach someone, could use it.

Who would do the job?

I would be using a 3rd party service (Fancy Hands) to do the task. Later, when the app is working, it would be possible to look into building own pool of workers and gamifying their reward system, so it’s a bit more complex than just paying for the job.

What’s the task?

Find contact information.

How the process would look like?

  1. Client submits request for the task (a form to enter all the relevant information):
    • Speaker name
    • Title
    • What we’re looking for (ability to mark “check” for the necessary):
      • email
      • phone number
      • LinkedIn
      • Website
      • Blog
  • What we’re looking for, 2 (assistant information or someone that could help reach):
    • email
    • phone number
    • Comment (add for the worker to know more context/background information):
      • open text field to explain in more detail
    • Bid (price we’re paying)

2. Worker does the job and fills another form with the found information:

  • Speaker name
  • Contact info (required depending on what the client chose):
    • email
    • phone number
    • LinkedIn
    • Website
    • Blog
  • Contact info, 2 (assistant’s or someone’s that could help reach):
    • email
    • phone number
  • Link where the information was found (to make sure it’s relevant)
  • Comment field (for the worker to add a comment about the situation)

All the responses should be stored in the .xls sheet, so it’s together with other speakers’ information.

The layout of the app could look like this:


General information about the service with the button to make a request.

There is also a button, where the client can view his/her previous requests.

2016-02-25 23.36.11

New request page

In this page we have a form for the client to fill in all the info.

2016-02-25 23.36.16

Preview page

We show the form once again, so the client can double-check and do the final confirmation.

2016-02-25 23.36.19

Thank you

This is the page where we give notification to the client: the task has been submitted, you can watch your request and see results.

2016-02-25 23.36.23

After these steps are completed, the workers receive a task and work on it.

Previous tasks

Here client can see the list of all the requests he/she made. They are hyperlinks that would take the client to each of the tasks.

2016-02-25 23.36.27

Task page (result for the client)

Here we display a full form with the information filled in by a worker.

2016-02-25 23.37.47

Questions still to consider:

  1. Where to store data? .xls or somewhere else? Can it be both?
  2. Can the two forms (the one that is filled in by a client and the one that is filled in by a worker) be connected in a way, that as the client fills in the speaker name, it’s already in the worker’s result form?
  3. When a client submits info: is it possible for him/her to preview the form (double-check) and only then do a final confirmation?
  4. Is it possible to make an option that a client can choose how many workers should implement a task? (Goal of this: to get more relevant information and to be able choose what works better.)
  5. How can a client see only his/her requests (e.g. if I open it up for other people to use)?
  6. Is it possible to have a “send message” option by the result form? (Goal of this: for the client to be able to correspond with the worker until he/she is satisfied with the result).

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