Create a short sound piece / story in 2-4 parts. Think about the various examples that you reviewed above. Some offer different perspectives on a single subject. Others require multiple voices or different components to complete a single narrative. You can use either approach in creating your short audio “story.”

I’ve decided to combine this homework with my Thesis research.
For my Thesis I’m exploring curiosity, the differences between how children and adults learn and how adults could learn more like children.

All humans are curious by nature. It’s one of our few instincts. As children, we test physical properties of the world almost from birth, e.g. splashing water to see what happens. We ask big bold questions and we point out when we don’t understand. As we grow up our natural curiosity is often tamped down by school, job and other things that keep us “busy”.

As an experiment I wanted to interview two “adults”: Francesca and KC and ask them a few big questions. I first interviewed both of them and then created a sort of a checklist for myself to mark the times, which should be edited and a sequence.

The interview is divided into two main parts:

  • Them explaining what curiosity is
  • Them answering questions

It can be found here.

One thought on “Curiosity audio piece”

  1. This is so compelling Ruta!
    I love how you ask them about curiosity . And then ask them questions that reveal the way their curiosity about the world has shaped their understanding of it.
    I missed you a little – like I wondered what it would have felt like if your voice was included. BUT this was super effective! well done!

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