Before even starting to make a Cornell box, I wanted to pick a few keywords that would definitely have to be represented in the box: bed, code, petri dish, relationship, painful / awkward (that’s how I fell when reading through Elliot’s and Molly’s relationship).

I set out to first build a background for the entire box. Lilac color represents the sheets on the bed.


Since the story itself isn’t of the deepest ones, to emphasise that it’s actually a bed, I started writing the word “bed” down and pinned it to the “sheets”. The pillow represents all the conversations Molly and Elliot had about their projects and about their individual academic passions (and how much it covered their deeper personal stories).


Then I only had left to represent the relationship and how awkward it used to become as soon as key characters started talking about it (also how painful it was for me to read their language). I chose to use pins to represent that. As you can see, I also used pins to pin person figures: showing that even though there was a relationship, it ended just as it started with them being isolated individuals.


More notes on Completeness.

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