Completeness is a love story.

Completeness is a story about two graduate students who, while working together, fall in love.

Completeness is a story about Elliot, computer science graduate student, and Molly, molecular biology graduate student, who meet at the university’s computer lab and after a small talk start working together on one of the Molly’s projects, where Elliot offers his help to code an algorithm for the protein research that Molly is implementing. The story later reveals that for both of them the project is just a pretext to meet, and two students fall in love. As the development of the project gets up to speed, so their relationship, revealing all past and present figures in both of their lives, all the way until the relationship ends again.

Answers to Elinor Fuch’s questions:


  • Public computer lab: rows of tables with computers, fluorescent lighting
  • Elliot’s apartment: one space, kitchen area, sleeping area with bed, working area with desk, computer and white board, bathroom
  • Front steps of a university housing building
  • Molecular biology’s lab
  • Molly’s apartment: one big space, desk, bed, kitchen, doors, bathroom
  • The Molecular Biology Departmental office
  • Elliot’s office: desk and computer


  • Different scenes are days or weeks apart
  • There are few scene / places overlaps: when Elliot and Molly has sex in Elliot’s apartment and Lauren and Don talk on the phone at the same time
  • The place is pretty static with few very sudden changes in time (Elliot & Lauren scene and then suddenly Elliot & Molly)
  • Time and space is multidimensional one time when Clark and Katie (ex’es) appear


  • Should be sometime in the fall as Molly mentions she just started her semester and Elliot says he doesn’t want her to go into cold


  • The story begins with an awkward, uncomfortable mood when two strangers meet in the computer lab and try to carry a conversation,
  • It moves to uncomfortable, intense again when Elliot and Lauren has a fight
  • Intimate (Elliot & Molly)
  • And then a bit threatening (Molly & Don)
  • Mood in general: distant, giving a feeling that something is going to end soon, not committed
  • Tone of voice: always a bit cold, distant, static
  • Sounds that help create a mood: computer noise, cellphone ringing, email sent-received notification –> all artificial sounds

Social life

  • It’s both public and private, in many cases intervening one another
  • Rules: university professor and student relationship (how it should be and how it is not), personal relationships
  • Relationship patterns: individuals who try to form groups but remain isolated individuals
  • Central figures: Molly and Elliot, while others are just figures from their (recent) past, present, and potentially the future
  • Tension and triangles: Elliot was with Katie, Molly was with Clark (in the past). Elliot recently was with Lauren, who potentially could be with Don, who recently was with Molly. Molly and Elliot leave Don and Lauren to be with one another, and Don and Lauren are potentially hurt for this to happen
  • Interaction: awkward
  • Who has power: Don has power as a professor, Molly has power over how she spends her research grant money, Elliot has power over his algorithm
  • Language habits: in general the language is very “chopped”, especially the one of Elliot and especially when he feels uncomfortable. Using such language gives a feeling that they are very young, even though we know that they are grad students, and socially awkward around people
  • Silences: they perfectly convey when situation gets uncomfortable and awkward: “oh”, “um”, “uhh”, etc.

What changes in time

  • Places where action happens stays the same (apartment, lab, etc.) but people change: Katie and Clark from the past are changed by Lauren and Don and later possibly by Franklin and Nell
  • Mood from awkward and uncomfortable goes to intense as characters get immersed in the conversations they are having (especially geeky ones)
  • Additional layers: second layer is added when Katie and Clark (ex’es) come into picture
  • First and last scene: Elliot and Molly dialogues in both scenes. Both uncomfortably awkward, where they reveal what emotional issues both of them have.

Me in the play

  • Audience gets engaged, literally talked at when the light goes out and Franklin and Nell fill in the gap


  • Elliot&Lauren, Elliot&Molly, Lauren&Don, Elliot&Katie, Molly&Clark, Elliot&Nell, Molly&Franklin. It’s feels like mini dramatic worlds are created inside the main one
  • Characters themselves: they have to survive together in relatively tight place that is a university, where their lives, stories and work overlap and as Dough Wright mentioned in his intro word: “must strive to integrate their over-active mind with their impetuous, unruly passions”

More about the play.

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